22 and residing
in Denver
Just out of college
We'll see what happens


Quiet Saturday mornings with coffee and Bobby Bare.

André Romão - Decapitation on Auguste Comtes’s statue, 2008-2012

The Replacements in Hoboken, New Jersey, April 1983.


It’s so bizarre to see college friends on your dashboard, much less with 90,000+ notes. Karin deserves all the love and feels. 

Shit, have so much work to get done by tomorrow for my internship. Paint my nails and watch Sons of Anarchy instead. Priorities. 

Also, why isn’t hockey on yet… 


The creative @hurricanebrea lent me her good looks this morning for this weeks #styleinspiration #treasuresandtravels (Taken with Instagram)

Allman Brown | Sons & Daughters (ft. Liz Lawrence)

And I’ll build the fire, you fetch the water and I’ll lay the table

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